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About Us

Vaster® is established 1972 autumn, and registered with US commerce department in 1998.  In 2013, we also became Apple MFI 6.1 Licensee and MFI licensed manufacturer.

Vaster is a professional manufacturer, specializing in manufacturing consumer Home audio video electronics cables and equipment, computer networking equipments and other network communications as well. We provide manufacturer price, best quality products and prompt service for our world-widely customers.

Our factory in Taiwan was then established in 1990 and certified as ISO9002 in 1996. Our factory is equipped with full certificate, and specializing  IT Communications Networking Equipment with Glass Fiber cable, networking Copper cables including CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, Bulk Cable, Coaxial Cable. and Security CCTV Product.

OEM is our most featured line. Made in USA Networking Copper Cable, Glass Fiber Optical Cables, Specialized Design of USB Cable, Apple MFi Certified iPhone 8 Pin Lightning Sync's Cable, wire harness Cable,  and we offer product design drawings to our customers plastic mold design and plastic products, product categories are our featured categories as well. Now, the Taiwan delegates with abundant experiences and strong education background, are contributed to the administration of approximately 300 local workers and development of new products as well as investing in high-tech automatic installations for the newly-designed products.

ODS Network Components Diagram

ODS Network Components Diagram-1

What kind of Benefits Customers can get from VasterCable.com

1) Large Inventory - more than 5,000 items in the current stock for everything you more options.

2) Great Quality - VASTER cables are lifetime guaranteed products along with UL certified. VASTER cables are designed based on the market standard, and qualified with all UL, CSA, TUV, CMR, CMP, FT4, FT6, CL2, CL3, ISO9002 and ROHS standards.

3) Vaster OEM Cable - Your ultimate supplier of OEM products Design and development of manufacturing Specialized in OEM Products

4) Retail Package - VASTER cables provides special designed retail packages as well.

5) Best Service - Same day shipping for the items in our current stock. 24 hour online store serves various computer and electrical appliances retail stores, wholesale, distributors etc, and facilitate customers with different preference and from different locations.

6) OEM / ODM are welcome and just a phone call away. VasterCable has more than 30 years industrial experience with great reputation.


a.   Vaster Trademark in USA

b.   Vaster Trademark in  overseas

c.    MFI licensed manufacturer

d.   2000invest in and begin providing networking accessory ◎2003 Acquire the ISO9001 quality Registration by TUV

e.   UL / CSA