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Fibers Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH)
Vaster SKU:64920
Fibers Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH)


64920 Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) is made of outer cabinet wall with stainless steel and inner cabinet wall with aluminium alloy. Between the outer and inner cabinet, there’s a heat insulation (thickness of 18mm), which is made of high temperature resistant, low heat transmit foam material to prevent heat, burn and shake.In the places where top/bottom/door board and cabinet meet, the high temperature resistant foam sealing putty is used to prevent dust water and moist .

Cabinet Structure

The interior of 64920 Series Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) consists of the following primary components:§  Swing Frames : Provide a position for splicing trays. Each frame can provides mounting spaces for 19 splicing trays. Each splicing tray can provides 12 positions for connectors .The cabinet may be equipped with up to 38 splicing trays. SC/UPC or SC/APC style connectors are available.§  Grounding System – Provides a point for grounding the cabinet .§  The exterior of the cabinet is constructed of heavy stainless steel and is coated with an grey-colored finish. Each cabinet is equipped with two front doors that provide full front access to the optical components.§  Pedestal: The pedestal-mount cabinet may be mounted on a concrete pad Mounting kits (accessories) are available for each mounting option.