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Products Category Video Cable SVHS Video Adapter
24K SVHS S-Video to RCA Adapter ( Mini Din 4 Pin Female to RCA Male)
Vaster SKU:20172
24K SVHS S-Video to RCA Adapter

24K Hi-Resolution S-Video to RCA  Adapter

 with  Chip

Connectors by SVHS Video constructed with dual 75Ohm cables delivering high quality video images. Dual 75Ohm video coaxial cable construction carries the Y-component (Chrominance) separately from the C-component (Luminance), providing better picture quality than a composite video Adapter.

S-Video Adapter are commonly used for DVD players, satellite receivers, S-VHS VCRs, camcorders and interface with S-Video equipped televisions. S-Video cables also work with most PCs and notebooks with 4-pin SVHS.