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Products Category Computer Cable IEEE-488 & RS-449 Cable
IEEE-488 / HP-IB / GPIB Cable
Vaster SKU:20740-XX
IEEE-488 / HP-IB / GPIB Cable

IEEE-488 / HP-IB / GPIB Cable 

Featuring two braid shields plus two foil shields for maximum protection against EMI, A unique backshell design with overlapping seams coupled with a crimp ferrule strain relief results in both protection against leakage and provides enhanced mechanical strength. This combination of features ensures a highly reliable cable that will pass the most stringent emissions testing while providing years of trouble. Custom modifications are available with modest minimum requirements.


Centronics 24 Male+Female to Centronics 24 Male+Female

IEEE 488 Cable. Metal Cover and metric screws. Double shielded aluminum mylar foil with 10% overlap and 95% tinned copper braid. Gray. Call for custom lengths.