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Mini SAS (SFF-8088) to 4Pcs - ESATA External Cable
Vaster SKU:20495-XX
Mini SAS (SFF-8088) to (4) ESATA External Cable

SFF-8088 to ESATA – 4 External Cable

Mini SAS technology guarantees performance at 3.0 Gigabits per second. This SAS cable features Mini SAS type SFF-8088 connectors and External SATA connectors. With 28Awg Thinner and more flexible cable for convenience in routing and improved airflow, insertion loss and reducing crosstalk.


Wire Size (AWG) = 28

Connector A = SFF-8088 (Mini SAS)

Connector B = (4) External SATA (ESATA )

Impedance = 100 Ohms

High performance 8 pair wire construction

Exceeds SAS Specifications

RoHS Compliant


Vaster SKU


20495-1 M

1 Meter

20495-2 M

2 Meter

20495-3 M

3 Meter