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Products Category HDMI Cable & DVI to HDMI Cable HDMI to DVI Video Cable
Computer DVI to LCD Plasma HDTV HDMI AV Cable
Vaster SKU:20628-XX
Computer DVI to LCD Plasma HDTV HDMI AV Cable

LCD Plasma TV's, LCD TV's, DVD Players, Computer,  Rear-Projection TV's. AV cable
High-Definition Multimedia Interface cables are available now for the following         

Plasma TV's, LCD TV's, DVD Players, and Rear-Projection TV's. HDMI cables eliminate unnecessary signal conversions, supports high-definition 
video, multi-Channel digital audio with a 5Gbps bandwidth, bi-directional signal transfer

1) Supports all High Resolutions including 480p, 720p, 1080i, 
2) Multi-Channel digital audio with a  4.95 Gbps bandwidth, 
3) Bi-directional signal transfer
4) The Connector Mold is  
5) Cable : CL2.   UL 20276  26 awg  ~ 20 agw  
6) Connectors: 24k Gold-Plated and Contec Terminal with 15 Micron Gold Plated,  HDMI 19 Pin Male to  DVI Male.

7) with Ferrite Core.

HDMI cable incorporates HIGH - Definition Multimedia interface ( HDMI ) technology. HDMI provides an interface between any audio / video 
source, such as set top box, DVD player, PVR,  audio video receiver and  or a video monitor such as a HDTV or Digital television. HDMI 
supports standard, enhanced or High Definition Video,  plus multi channel digital audio on a single cable. It can transmit all ATSC HDTV standards and support up to 8 channels of digital audio, with bandwidth to spare

HDTV uses less than one-half of HDMI's available 5 Gbps bandwidth. Also supports VESA?s Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) standard 
and Display Data Channel (DDC) standard (used to read the EDID). In addition, the EIA-861 standard specifies mandatory and optionally 
supported resolutions and timings, and how to include data such as aspect ratio and format information. HDMI also supports the High-bandwidth 
Digital Content Protection (HDCP) specification to deter unauthorized copying of content. The 19-pin "Type A? HDMI utilizes a single TMDS link 
and can therefore carry video signals at an 25 ~165 MHz sample rate. This diminutive connector is well-suited for consumer devices due to 
its small size.

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